DLC only does large-scale HOA landscape maintenance in the Phoenix Valley. This narrow focus means all of our plans and processes have been strategically thought out and customized to the needs of premier, large-scale Communities. As a result, you will get unmatched service, top-notch curb appeal and superior value for your money.

The DLC Difference

Our Team

Getting to know you and your needs is what fuels our work.

Built for You

We’re built around the needs of
large-scale HOA common area maintenance.

Forward Thinking

Our innovative approach means we continually learn, adapt and adjust.

Ready for expert landscape management?

Ready for expert landscape management?

What Our Clients Are Saying…

…DLC has proven to be a competent, reliable and trustworthy company…

“DLC has proven to be a competent, reliable and trustworthy company who actually has the best interest of the community in their daily operations. We are a large community and they take care of [our community] as if it were their own and I appreciate it. Their communication … is beyond what we would have gotten from previous companies…. Thank you to DLC and all their workers for my not having to think about landscaping issues at all.”

— A Board President

...DLC has proven...

…we have noticed a HUGE Improvement…

“Since your company has taken over the maintenance of the community, we have noticed a HUGE Improvement in the care and look of the landscaping. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!”

— A Community Resident

...we have noticed a HUGE Improvement...

…I want to thank you all and your crew for the hard work…

“I want to thank you all and your crew for the hard work all weekend responding to our storm emergencies. I know there were a bunch, and more are coming in. The fast response really helps keep people from getting frustrated. I know you have a lot going on everywhere, and I’ve even received a few compliments and thank you.”

— A Community Manager

...I want to thank you all and your crew for the hard work...

…Thank you, DLC!…

“I just wanted to say thanks for the speedy response! The landscaping crew took care of the tree yesterday. Where we lived previously, we had a similar issue and it would take literally months to address a concern like this. We appreciate it! Thank you, DLC!”

— A Community Resident

Thank you, DLC!

Why Choose DLC Resources?


Employee Owned


Industry Certifications


Over 3 Decades Caring
for Valley HOAs


Acres Expertly Managed

2 Billion

Gallons Monitored
and Tracked

Our Work

We specialize in maintaining large-scale HOA common areas. DLC has pioneered a structure that is specially designed to deploy experts throughout your common areas to make sure your landscape always gets just what it needs to look its best.